An awe-inspiring digital image of a futuristic cityscape that showcases the advanced design and technology of an alien civilization, with a style that is highly detailed, cinematic, and trending on Artstation. The city should be dominated by towering buildings, each with a unique shape and shimmering facade made of innovative materials. The lighting should be dynamic, with vivid hues of blue and purple electrifying the cityscape, and the holographic fountains should be floating in mid-air, surrounded by lush gardens and futuristic sculptures. The background should be a smooth expanse of space, with stars and planets twinkling in the distance, creating a breathtaking contrast between the organic beauty of the city and the infinite expanse of space. The resulting digital image should be epic, exciting, and capture a moody and celestial atmosphere, with soft lighting and the use of HDRI for maximum realism. The image should showcase the highest level of professionalism, with the use of industry-leading equipment such as 35mm, Zeiss, Hasselblad, Fujifilm, Arriflex, IMAX, and be available in resolutions up to 8k. The image should be hyper-realistic, featuring a lens flare, and resembling a matte painting or concept art, with a soft render and highly detailed architectural features, all while maintaining the quality and standards of leading CGSociety and Octane Render. Overall, the resulting image should be an exemplary piece of digital art, highly detailed, inspiring, and worthy of being featured in a magazine or as a high-quality wallpaper.